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The latter depends on different situations you want to use the pillow.A 10-15 seconds soak is good for a small amount of cigars (5-10).These so-called temporary humidors are pervious to becoming too much dampened because of the plastic interior.The latter cannot cope with the extra moisture, so be sure not to overfill the humidifier! It is also important to remember that all these devices do not allow a normal air-circulation as the humidors do.But be aware: the refrigerator is the final instance to use when there are no other places for storing cigars.

In case you wish to smoke a certain cigar from a certain store which is closed by the time you get there, you'll come to a standstill.It is also possible to utilize a turned on freezer which has a lot of space and is free of other food (make sure to set the humidity to the highest level available).