Cute anniversary ideas for dating couples

08-Nov-2017 16:47

Your 2nd anniversary is traditionally celebrated with cotton and for this you could have t-shirts made up for the two of you.

You may end up only wearing them in the house but you would definitely win the cute and adorable prize!

Anthony proposed to her when they were holidaying in Japan an d they are all set to get married very soon! Timothy is by far the cutest Asian on You Tube with a sense of humor that is out of this world.

All the more reason to follow their love life in their vlogging channel – Watch Us Lifeand Stuff. His videos are down right hilarious and he is super talented.

Dominic also known as Dtrix and Lauren are the cutest dance couples on You Tube.

They look great together and when they dance together it is like magic. The couple celebrated their 4 years anniversary recently with Lauren taking her boyfriend to a surprise location. By the way, if you did not know, Dtrix was on the show ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and also on Ellen. This couple looked so cute together and it never looked from the outside that they will ever break up. It was heartbreaking to see Megan cry when she announced her break up on You Tube.

Youtube couples present a real side to relationships and offer us an opportunity to learn a whole lot about life, living and having a companion.

Let’s face it, vlogger couples are taking over and they are so much more realistic and inspirational as compared to fake couples that you see in reality shows on television.

I have seen these couples grow right from the time they started dating to the time some got engaged and even married.

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