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Bonjour à Liz et Maisie à Frank;repos de l'âme de Boby Farell Amen! Was mit MILLI Vanilli geschah,und so vielles schlechtes was er gemacht hat. If you feel like getting away from the rat race for a bit drop me a line..we've found paradise here & yes it does exist... You are a wonderful person who cares for her fans and that’s why I LOVE YOU sooooo much!!! As a child I admired Boney M and you were always my favourite. I see how much you loved her , like I loved my big black dog (died 4 months ago , almost 16 years old ) I hope that my dream will come true to meet you in person. 2008 – |Hello Marcia greetings from Mexico, we love your music and we will always remember the old good days of Boney M. MARY VIJAYA, Chief functionary, UNITY CHARITABLE TRUST, 80, NEERAVI STREET, VIRUDHUANAGAR – 626 001, TAMILNADU, INDIA Blog: Date: 7/15/2008, pm, EDT Name: Helge Morken Email: [email protected]: 27 Hi Marcia! ” Espacially “come into my life”, “hey joe” and your excellent lyrics to “Albatross”, which captures the mood of the melody perfectly, make people stop talking and start listening. Kind regards, Mathew from Cologne *** Date: 6/29/2008, pm, EDT Name: Ralph RUIZ Email: [email protected]: 24 Dear Marcia, a couple of years ago, I posted a message on this site to express how much I appreciated you. L.|Liebe Marica, es freut mich besonders wieder Ihre wunderbare Stimme zu hören. That memory can be false, but I wrote your name (Boney M) beside Judas Iscariot based on the LP of that time. *** Date: 3/19/2008, am, EDT Name: Benje Number: 8 Marcia thanks for a fantastic show in Bangalore. You both were one of the nicest guests i ever had on board. Gratulation for the giving chikenfell Album “come into my life”.I spent 15 years as a DJ, and I never played or heard this wonderful music on the radio. My address is: Dimitriy Kipiani Street, house 18, flat 49. Marcia du wars immer meine Favorite und hoffe das du all das beste erlebst in deine zukunft. Can you believe it's been 10 years since our festival? 70's Jamaica without the political aspect I'm guessing. I am so happy that you have overcome the sad period in your life and that you can live again to the full. My roots are in India , but born in Surinam and was adopted by Dutch people. Listened to Boney M and the Jacksons Well I can go on and on , hope you read this . 2008 – |Zaki|My name zaki ibraheem i’m from YEMEN simply i loved Bony M group they was in my days of youth so i want to tell them Liza Maizie Bobby Marcia dear Bony M stars i’m still enjoying with yours beauty songs i wish from allah to keep yours a happy life and to enjoy safely life I wish to heard about Bobby Farrell news is he still a live ? *** Date: 7/27/2008, pm, EDT Name: peter Basler Email: [email protected]: 30 hello marcia hope asll is well – love and best to marcuss as well peter basler *** Date: 7/23/2008, am, EDT Name: Hazel Geanas Email: [email protected]: 29 hi loveyou *** 19 Jul. I have written to you from time to time just to express my admiration for you as an artist. When I have friends over I often have your “Come into my life” album playing in the background, and people always say “wow! Even my friends who are reallly not into Boney M at all, have to admit that your music rocks and that your sensual, edgy voice lifts the songs to a new level. I’m a Dutch born French fan of Luv’ (Holland’s greatest girl group ever). Best regards, Ralph *** Date: 6/28/2008, am, EDT Name: wayne demercado Email: [email protected] Number: 23 Hello mum! 2008 – |Ronald|Dear Marcia I’d like to know if you planing to come to Berlin or somewhere in Germany in the next month for a concert? 2008 – |Hallo Marcia, ich habe Dein Interview auf Dragonland-Radio in Berlin gehört, Habe mich sehr gefreut deine Stimme wieder zuhören. Ihre CD “Come into my life” gefälltm ir ausgesprochen gut. Köln *** Date: 4/22/2008, am, EDT Name: Arjuna Email: [email protected]: 17 Sri Lanka is waiting for you. Your team was wonderful and you are looking just FABULOUS! I send you best greeting and send you force to live long long time.Show’I don`t like it you Opreating on daddy cool or rivers of babylon.daddy cool is bobby rivers of babylon is liz You dd singon the singels backing-vocals but i see you for a better performance singing your own songs from the albums during a show as a great singer from boney m. Always dreamed with this day, the day in which my dream was making real, stay a few minutes with Marcia Barret. I have a photo with you and with Marcus and your autograph; I keep them as a treasure. Munasinghe City: Los Angeles, Sent: 27-Jan-2007 PM I Love Boney M music. I just wanted to say that I got your Brilliant CD Come Into My Life today in the mail and I am dancing around like a mad fool. It`s nice for to visit your web site, I should confes that i admirror your acting and performing in the boney M band, mainly the song BELFAST, i like your voice and your dance, I hope you can send me a message.And not As boney m Anyhow many succes in everthing. Thank you for being like you are Marcia, thanks for so many songs that so good moments have made happen to me, thank you for “Belfast”, “We kill the world”, “Silent lover, king of the road”, “Never changed lovers in the middle of the night”, “Take the heat of me” … Thank you very much for being like you are Marcia, a very strong embrace of a Spanish fan that takes you in my heart. It has been way to long since I heard your voice and now to hear you again is just be best feeling. Love Wilson Name: Yelena Kin City: 29 Boxwood Lane, Langhorne, PA 19047 USA Sent: 11-Jan-2007 PM Me and my husband Alex remember the group “Boney M” and we are still listenning your’s CDs.the first single liz Was not in picture on tv and she is the Only one out a big group who has no Solo success!!!!!! Liz having succes by bobby and Than talking him into the ground Seeing on rtl 4 by liz mitchell- Rivers of babylon- and believe me There were people who believed That only bobby did sing!!!!!! *** Date: 7/21/2015, pm, EDT Name: curt janssen Number: 285 Further Best. You should be proud of what you’ve done with Boney M. By the way, I have a blog about Luv’ (the famous girls band from Holland). After trying to find and website that i could get it from (I only speak write and read english)I finally found someone on who had three copies for sale.The best of the best boney m- is The version of josephine baker. *** Date: 8/22/2015, pm, EDT Name: jessica Number: 287 Boney m. What is bobby a good dancer in Daddy cool on stage. *** Date: 8/3/2015, pm, EDT Name: jenny kuup Number: 286 The singer of the coombay dance band said “boney m that is nothing!!!!! Producer did also produce Wann er schon in das geld swimmte!!!!!! You can have a look at it: from France, Ralph Name: Eduardo Arencibia City: Louisville, Kentucky, USA. In fact, I am practicing the songs so that I may sing one day in my school…Thank you for the music. sorry for my mistakes…I can’t speak/write very good english… I am looking forward to hearing this album and I know it will be a favorite among me and my friends along with the New Boney M DVD that I bought this year. was my whole family’s favorite group and seeing you guys on youtube brought back sweet memories. Well hope all is well with you and yours and if you want to drop a line sometime you can email me @ [email protected] I could show you some pictures of my children if you like! Love, Jennifer Burkey *** Date: 12/6/2008, pm, EDT Name: Mercedes Email: [email protected] Web: Number: 55 Hi Marcia! I just knew from a cousin of mine that she and others made make-up and costumes for a Boney M show in Havana. i grew up on your good works and i’m still feeding my soul on them. I have all the 12″ and Lp Boney M from 1976 to 1985…It’s really impossible new song in boney m style? Have a great holiday Love Paul *** Date: 12/16/2008, am, EDT Name: Ake Wantwadi Email: [email protected]: 60 Growing up in Zaire(now Congo), Boney M. I have a wonderful fiance and I am currently living in Cocoa, FL. You have brought change to a life, lives and indeed the world.

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Well my dear When I miss you I go to your website and watch you and your Team of Dancers. Trowers Dear Marcia: I never have the chance to give thanks for the music you did with Boney M, earlies 70s. YOU HAVE INSPIRED SO MANY PEOPLE ALL AROUND THE WORLD. Hallo Marcia,ich war in meine kindheit ein rieseger fan von Boney M. Enjoy your day, whatever it may bring With much love from Wayne & Bradley xxx *** Date: 10/14/2008, am, EDT Name: ian lucas Email: [email protected]: Number: 37 a very happy birthday to you Marcia – hope you’re enjoying yourself, keeping well and making fantastic music. You are a FANTASTIC person, who brought so much joy with your voice and music. You are truly a beautiful person on the outside, heart and soul. 2008 – |I blame you for monopolizing my musical appreciation recently! 2008 – |Suzy and Jenny|Hey Marcia and Marcus- Nice site! I would be honor if you can write me back on my email but would understand if you dont.Bonjour Marcia Une joie incommensurable pour moi pour la découvert votre site. Thanks a lot endow unforgettable songs to the world. But this year, for personal reasons, your message of HOPE and FAITH are more important to me than ever. I hope that you and your fanmily will have many bright days, weeks, months and years in the future, all together. So many thanks to all the singers and Boney M crew for the beautiful moments I spent hearing your songs. It brings so much good memories I could die of happiness. Heute sehe ich alles anders und bin schon sehr traurig was aus Boney M geworden ist. Auch die sendung von carmen wo liz einen ehre bekommen hat und ein neuer song präsentiert hat song of joy wo sie sehr wenig gesungen hat. May God bless you with happiness, good health, love and all the best wishes!! I really liked that show of yours – thank you ever so much! I am 55 years old, but the hits of Boney M have been nowadays fantastic. Name: Loldspoopay City: Ligatne Sent: 09-Oct-2007 AM hi, good site Whish you good luck!le groupe Boney M m'a émerveillé avec tant d'autres amis(es)lors des soirées dansantes en 1979 - 1981 quand nous étions à l' Universté. Das hat mich verletz,den nur die wahre Fans wiesen wer Boney M ist. Ich möchte Boney M so behalten wie in den 70 und 80er jahre bis zum ende war ich von euch begeistert.Über Frank farian möchte ich nicht sagen aber er war kein guter mensch. You are a FANTASTIC person, who brought so much joy with your voice and music. *** Date: 9/25/2008, pm, EDT Name: Sandra Vos Email: [email protected]: 35 Dear Marcia , thanks to the internet I learn about you. I have only one question: Now I already know that Judas Iscariot and Simon Peter were performed by Sphinx, but in 1979 an LP was on me and I remember Boney M as the performer of it. 2008 – |Lisa|Hey Marcia…..remember me…I was on of the flieghtattendants who flew you and your husband to Germany ( LTU Miami -MUC Buisness Class) …I am the one with the strawberry blond hair.. Name: Phil X City: Colonia germany Sent: 25-Sep-2007 AM Misses marcia, You sooo fantastik !!!I came across this two days ago, and the music is so uplifting and a pleasure to my ears. I would love to see the remaining group in concert someday. Any chance of Boney M featuring Marcia Barrett coming to New Zealand? Would love to have you stay as a treat from an old friend... all the best wishes and good luck in what you do Who knows I may give you a hug one day ! with my love zaki [email protected]*** Date: 8/4/2008, am, EDT Name: Mike Davis Email: [email protected]: 31 I met you and your husband in Shortys BBQ, in West Palm. 2008 – |Carlo|Gday marcia a note to say thank you for the wonderful music you sang with boney m your songs are wonderful and happy i wish you all the best in your personal life thankyou soo much [email protected] *** Date: 7/16/2008, am, EDT Name: M. MARY VIJAYA, chief functionary of UNITY CHARITABLE TRUST, a registered NGO in India. Why you didn’t get to sing more solos on BM-albums, I’ll never understand. *** Date: 7/6/2008, pm, EDT Name: Wolfgang Keilhauer Email: [email protected]: 26 Dear Marcia, how wonderful to have a look into your homepage and read about you after all you have to go thrue…Do you remember me? “Somewhere In The World”is the song I composed for BONEY M I never will forget”this fantastic time” and wish you all the best untill we meet again God bless you, Lots of Love, Wolfgang Keilhauer *** Date: 7/2/2008, pm, EDT Name: ma.l. Number: 25 Dear Marcia, you are a wonderfull woman and artist. You may know Luv’ as like you they performed in German shows like “Musikladen” and “Disco” in the late 1970’s. I was born on May 25th 1978 as “Rivers of Babylon” was a European #1 hit. Just stopped by as i was thinking of you whilst watching the nelson mandela concert on tv. Number: 22 Marcia, thank you for the fantastic years as a vital vocalist and performer with Boney M. Only the best for you and your family from Ronald *** Date: 5/31/2008, am, EDT Name: steffen Email: [email protected]: 21 Berlin – see you and your husband, hi maricia, you said I should send a message in your guestbook – you remeber? Deine lustige Art war wie Früher, Du bist ein wunderbare, nette und tapfere Frau. i want to tell You simple “theanx” for all what You make good and nice in my live. Ich höre jedoch auch gerne die Musik, die Sie gemeinsam mit den Mitgliedern der Gruppe Boney M. Ihnen weiterhin alles Gute und vor allem Gesundheit. *** Date: 4/18/2008, pm, EDT Name: carlo Email: [email protected]: 16 Good night Marcia Carlo from Italy *** Date: 4/15/2008, pm, EDT Name: A De Kraai Email: [email protected]: 15 Marcia You are the most beautifull woman of Boney M, Arie. Philippe Lisa City: München Sent: 23-Sep-2007 AM Hey Marcia, Wie ich versprochen habe schau ich mir die Website an.

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I am saddened by the passing of Bobby at such at early age. I've seen Boney M featuring Liz Mitchell (2002) and Boney M featuring Maizie Williams (2015 and 3 nights ago) and it would be could to see ur version too. Love & life beautiful soul, sorry it's been a while between drinks... *** Date: 9/19/2008, am, EDT Name: Tee Banigo Email: [email protected]: 34 Just to give my love to u. *** Date: 8/23/2008, pm, EDT Name: Richard H Email: [email protected]: 33 Hi Marcia. *** Date: 8/20/2008, pm, EDT Name: Comfort Email: [email protected]: 32 I cherish your visit with Marcus. MARY VIJAYA Email: [email protected] Web: 28 Hello Marcia, greetings. Take the Heat off me, Lovin’ or leavin’, Belfast, Silent lover, Never change lovers in the middle of the night. I wish you all good and look forward to hear more from you. 2008 – |It was so sadly to hear “Never change…” again much years after. i think that you are equally as charismatic as one another so i though i’d drop a little care & say hi to croc. However I must congratulate you for the work you have put in to demonstrate your SOLO skills. Ich hoffe Du bist bald auch Mal in der Nähe von München, dann könnten wir uns treffen. for Your voice close with my sweet memorys from the times when i whose young. *** Date: 4/14/2008, am, EDT Name: Flory Sinsi Walala Email: [email protected]: 14 I’m very happy to read an article talking about you today. *** Date: 4/3/2008, pm, EDT Name: Tom Number: 11 Rock on marcia we love love. 2008 – |Hola Marcia, hoy despues de tanto tiempo vuelvo a ver los videos de Boney M y parece que el tiempo no ha pasado los he admirado mucho a los cuatro, porque cada uno tiene algo especial, tu tienes algo mas de ese algo especial (? Hab den Flug Mia-Muc wirklich genossen und wünsch Euch alles erdenkliche Glück in Berlin. Name: Victor Bamidele City: Vancouver, BC Sent: 23-Aug-2007 AM You guys were superb in 70’s; from the time I grew up to know disco tunes, among others then were Donna Summer, Munich Machine, Brass Construction and all. Regardless what the situation, I am still your loyal fan. Name: Aaron Miller City: London Sent: 07-Aug-2007 AM Hi I am trying to get through to Marcia, I am you cousin from England.. / Mike from sweden Name: pete Sent: 30-Jul-2007 PM god is with you marcia you are a wondereul person.

My regards, Mercedes *** Date: 12/3/2008, pm, EDT Name: Yvonne Email: [email protected] Number: 54 Hi! Für Dich und Deinen Marcus ein friedliches Weihnachtsfest und ein glückliches,erfolgreiches,aber vor allem ein weiterhin wirklich gesundes 2009 Greetings – Love -Rudi *** Date: 11/6/2008, pm, EDT Name: Horst Email: [email protected]: 50 Hallo liebe Marcia, Lass mich hoffen das es dir gut geht. Du hast in schwierigen zeiten gekämpft wie eine löwin…hast du meinen großen respect.

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