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This is significant because of the "coffeehouse problem": connecting to the Internet securely at public hotspots.

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In a bare bones hosting plan there's not a great deal of difference between the two.

Most of the other major hosting services offer a similar list—but only for Linux.

The list of free Windows server-side apps is pretty thin, and seems to depend utterly on ASP. I mention this to remind you to read the fine print in any hosting plan, especially the odds and ends that you might never attempt to install on your own. The really ironic thing about the easy-to-use hosting services like Go Daddy is that their Linux hosting is in many respects easier to use than their Windows hosting—and comes with a lot more interesting gadgets to play with.

); every species of wire and connector you've ever seen, as well as a multitude of semiconductor devices and used vacuum tubes.

On the mechanical side it's harder to characterize: Paint cans full of 7/8" ball bearing balls, casters and wheels and aluminum tubing, scrap PC board, rolls of thin foam plastic, chunks of Bakelite, some gears and bearing assemblies, and a great deal of stuff of unkown origin that simply defies description.

Any year you learn something is a good year, and this has been a good year.

They proudly say that there membership is increased by 26% Compounded annualized growth rate but their Inventory was not able to keep pace & just grown by 22%. (You can check the below table – Club Mahindra Members Vs Inventory) Second, Club Mahindra gives resorts on rental to nonmembers, even in the peak season. Their annual report show earning of Rs 15 Cr from rental they have received from nonmembers.… continue reading »

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