Accommodating religious beliefs and practices in the workplace canada

23-Jul-2017 00:43

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The Cargill facility had specific staffing requirements on the assembly line.

Other types of business can anticipate staffing and productivity issues, for example, during tax season, earnings reporting, or the holiday retail rush.

Show employees that the code of ethics is not just something that lives on paper.

Review and refine policies for different religious practices.

For many employers, it is only a matter of time before they face conflicts between religion and work.

The only logical alternative is that such exemptions should be granted to accommodate all deeply held human commitments (including religion, culture, secular conscience, and deeply held political / philosophical / ethical / moral / metaphysical beliefs).

Workers and employers alike have incentives to reach a compromise. In Fort Morgan, the once-tight-knit immigrant community is in turmoil as families and neighbors leave.

And Cargill still has not been able to fill all of the Muslim workers’ vacant jobs.

And, as Noelle Nelson demonstrates in her book , higher job satisfaction among employees leads to greater profitability for the employer.

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As Cargill and other employers are discovering, faith is a part of the whole person that employers ignore at their peril.

These include time or days off for observances, dietary restrictions, and dress codes.