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One of the most spectacular is Kubla Khan near Mole Creek.It is a restricted cave, meaning it is only accessible to skilled cavers with a guide doing trips that can take up to 12 hours.Diving the numerous Nullabor caves is done in temperatures up of 20 degrees Celsius; in Tasmania it can be as low as 2C — a much chillier experience, adding to the adventure.But adventure turned to tragedy near Ida Bay in 1990 when two high school students and a teacher died in flash flooding at Mystery Creek Cave.In his book Wonderstruck, Nic Haygarth traces caving history from the early years to the present day; the characters and the champions of the state's extensive karst systems.Caves in the early days of European settlement were "bolt holes for bushrangers", says Dr Haygarth, but it was also the era in which cave tourism emerged.Tasmania's wild caves are the deepest in the country.They attract cavers and photographers from across the globe.

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There have been many clashes along the way between those seeking to protect caves and karst from degradation and destruction by industries such as mining, hydro development and forestry.Names like Black Super Giant and Midnight Hole give an indication of what is on offer in the caves in southern Tasmania.